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How to set up a Bootcamp

50 Steps to get you started

The most comprehensive guide on the market to help

get your group fitness career underway


How to set up a Bootcamp

50 Steps to get you started

The most comprehensive guide on the market to help

get your group fitness career underway

Following our exercise career ebook is the quickest and easiest way to realise your vision of running a successful bootcamp fitness business.


  • A practical step by step guide to get you qualified as a personal trainer, registered as a physical training business, trading as a professional bootcamp and attracting new clients.

  • Even if you already have a Personal Training qualification and have been working in the industry for a while, this ebook will still help you to sucessfully become an outdoor workout trainer or improve your existing bootcamp.

  • Save 1,000s of hours of research – this ebook details the registrations you need, links to the external services required and provides ideas for marketing and how to create a community to get you quickly on your way.

  • We give you the vision, skills, knowledge and processes required to achieve the lifestyle you dream of and the potential to create revenue of over $100k in year one.

  • Written by exercise industry and marketing experts, using tried and tested methods and endorsed by successful fitness professionals.

The most comprehensive guide to running a successful group fitness business.

Topics covered:


  • Initial planning and research, what to consider and how to make sure your business will succeed.
  • Personal training qualifications – where to get them and which are the best.
  • Registering a fitness business and what to do to ensure you are business compliant.
  • Marketing and branding.
  • Social media. 
  • Pricing structures.
  • Retaining customers and creating a community.

Why should I buy the bootcamp start up guide?


For starters, we have done all the hard work, this ebook will save you hours of research and provides all the 3rd party website links you will need to set up your business.


No more procrastinating! Starting a new venture is a daunting task and sometimes it is easy to get lost in the detail and not know where to start.  If you are not sure what task to do today to move you closer to your goal – Simply tick off the next step in the ebook!


Through the 50 steps, we not only set you up, we advise on marketing and promotional tactics to ensure your business is a continued success. Get some fresh fitness business ideas from our ebook!

Recommended by professionals

“I can’t recommend this guide highly enough – it simply and clearly sets out the steps I needed to take to stop being a Personal Trainer contractor and make my own bootcamp ideas a reality. It was the best investment I made at the start of my own business venture and I haven’t looked back”.

Mel Tully, Revive Fit

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